Envoi Design has once again joined forces with California-based Diggin Active. Our mission was to collaborate in generating effective branding and dynamic package design for Slimeball, a kids' toy that helps to foster a lifelong love of sports and active play. We were excited to conceptualize an unforgettable logo and box, putting together some gnarly, eye-catching graphics for the final product.

Recently introduced at this year’s New York Toy Fair, the Slimeball line brings gobs of slime fun, slime gear, slingers, and buckets of Slimeballs to kids 6 and older. It's been compared to a real life video game where players get to throw, sling, and dodge Slimeballs in a safe environment, without creating mess. Parents around the world rejoice!

Diggin Active specializes in inventing innovative sports toys that aim to help kids stay active.  They've developed games in all sports categories since 2006, selling at retailers around the globe, winning multiple industry awards. Their lineup combines great design, great performance, great value, and great fun. 

Envoi Deisgn is excited to be invited to partner with Diggin.