New & Improved Service App

The City of Cincinnati sits at the forefront of municipal technology. As proof, officials unveiled a mobile application in 2013 that would help connect residents with useful municipal services. This app was created to enable concerned citizens the ability to quickly and easily request services from the departments of Sanitation, Health, and Parking Enforcement. 

Cut to early 2015; enter Envoi Design. The City of Cincinnati invited our team to bring innovation and optimize communication through a re-design of the services mobile app. Envoi Designers accepted the challenge and began working with developers to generate a new and improved “Fix-it-Cincy” mobile application. First, we streamlined the interface, making it more user friendly and efficient. Next, we introduced easy social media sharing, a quick look window, and push notifications to alert users of important updates.  Finally, individuals were offered channels to send photo documentation of complaints directly to the city's Customer Service Request system. We designed these Fix-it-Cincy changes to increase resident engagement with city services, and to motivate users to get more involved in maintaining their communities. 

Certainly, it takes cooperation and pride for a place to thrive, but it also takes access and responsiveness. By providing transparency in service scheduling and allowing for resident feedback on work quality, Fix-it-Cincy creates a vital space for collaboration between officials and constituents.  Envoi Design is grateful to play a role in achieving progress on behalf of Cincinnati. This is our city, too, and we love finding ways to make it better!