We are proud to announce another great success story for an Envoi Design client:

Once upon a time, Cincinnatian Ralph DiSylvestro of D:CLEF Games dreamed up a classic style boardgame. It would be a fast-paced game where players travel around the world like Santa Claus, learning simple math skills, geography, and population distribution. Ralph realized that he would need investors to bring the idea to life, so a Kickstarter campaign was born.  The Envoi team came on board to help realize Ralph’s vision by designing a realistic global map for the playing board, and drawing wintry graphics for the cards and box. Over the course of one month, nearly 200 Helper Elves pledged $8,795 ensuring that this fun and educational game would be ready to play by Christmas! View Kickstarter Page

Congratulations to all who contributed to Santa’s Sleigh Ride.