About one year ago, a group of Hollywood types made their way to the Queen City. They visited our bars and our restaurants, strolling up and down Vine Street, eyeing the historic Italianate architecture of Over-the-Rhine. Turns out, these location scouts from Salt Productions were looking to film another beautifully photographed Todd Haynes 1950’s era movie. You may recall Haynes as the critically acclaimed director of Far From Heaven, Mildred Pierce, and I’m Not There – all films with themes that challenge the notion of an idyllic post World War II Americana.

Cincinnati proved to have the right look, and a warm welcoming community, to fit the bill. Carol was coming.

In January, Art Department directors for the film consulted with Envoi Design about collaborating together. Our team went right to work designing period correct props including: shopping bags; toy displays; and magazine stand for the Department Store set. Every day, it seemed, there was more work to do. Each scene and backdrop was scrutinized in painstaking detail, but we were only too happy to help construct this magical make-believe world.

On December 24th, Carol finally opens in Cincinnati. The film, which stars ill-fated lovers Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, has been receiving awards and nominations galore. By all accounts, it will likely find a place among the best cinematic pieces of all time. Envoi Design was lucky enough to have played a not-so-small part in bringing Carol’s story to life. And, we’re pretty stoked that our work will be around for years to come.

Like our neighbors and friends, we are looking forward to buying a ticket and enjoying the movie in the hush of a darkened theater. Don’t blame us if we’re busy scanning the screen and searching scenes for tiny glimpses of Envoi Designed art.

See if you can find us in there, too.